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We are what we repeatedly  do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. 

About Us

We are located at 7250 Northfield Rd Walton Hills, Ohio 44146. We started our mission to be a resource for our local athletes. Our 7,200 square foot facility is adaptable to fit your practice needs. While most facilities only offer team or whole facility rentals, we offer both whole facility and single cage rentals which include use of all equipment , including Iron Mike pitching machine, Hack Attack Softball, Jr Hack Attack Baseball, Pocket Radar, ProVelocity Bat, Hand Speed Trainer Bats, Jugs Lite Flight Pitching Machine, Jugs Small Ball Machine, Perfect Swing Tee, and much more. Whether you prefer personal instruction or are motivated in group sessions, we have a service that suits your needs. 

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